Inside Your Brand Client Manifesto

I have the wonderful privilege of co-creating with amazing women (and men) from all over the world. Sometimes I have to pinch myself as I am humbled at the opportunities that are before me. Here are a few characteristics they tend to have in common…
1. All of my clients are success daredevils driven by big visions.Some are in their twenties and thirties and some are in their middle years, but, they are all creating or reinventing new opportunities for success. For some it’s a new system, a new perspective or a completely new business. They persist in spite of obstacles. They are fierce. To stop the pursuit of their purpose and passion is not an option.
2. All of my clients are highly accomplished and knowledgeable in their fields. They all have immersed themselves into a specific niche. Some have dropped out of Corporate America to become masters of their own success. Others have opted to remain in Corporate America while creating a personal empire as part-time entrepreneurs. Some have PHDs, while others are doctors, coaches, authors, ex military, movers and shakers.
3. All of my clients are brilliant, complex and multi-faceted. In the era that they teach or practice they are “it.” They are phenomenal. Yet they all have struggled to fit in, struggled to play the game and struggled to perform their roles and duties in the old paradigm society. Many of them have been misjudged, mislabeled and misunderstood.
4. Whether they publicize it or not, their passion is what propels them. Regardless of their place in society, they are visionaries of the new paradigm.
5. They feel a need to be seen, heard and noticed by people that think like them. There’s an anxiety that makes them yearn to be “connected with like-minded entrepreneurs”. They know that client-mentor relationships are purposeful, collaborative and harmonious.
6. They want to make tons of money so they can be of service to a lot of people. My clients have an emerged sense of abundance which means family, freedom, travel and lavish businesses.
7. They come from a position of servant-hood, are philanthropic and love to support causes they believe in. Many have sacrificed their high-paying corporate careers, private practices, homes, families, licenses, and credentials to put it all on the line because they know they can make a difference in the global marketplace.
8. My clients want to impact and influence others but not at the price of sacrificing their integrity. My clients’ standards are high and guide their businesses and relationships. They desire to work and partner with others with similar values.
9. My clients have a “do it now” attitude. They’re short on time and tired of going round in circles. They have moved past masking their true identity in order to fit into a market that’s really not reflective of who they are. They desire to get their message out to world the right way so they can finally be found by their own. They are ready for a massive brand reinvention that showcases their unique essence, style and purpose. In so doing they revitalize, restore and recreate new experiences for all of us to enjoy.
10. My clients are sheroes within their own right. They are tough cookies and exceptionally wise women with big hearts. They keep me laughing, crying and sometimes can they drive me crazy (in a good way of course). They send me cookies for my birthday and hold my feet to the fire. I am deeply honored to work with them and I love and appreciate them for doing the work they do.
Welcome to my Inside Your Brand Client Club!
Does this client manifesto resonate with you and stop you in your tracks? GREAT! Then I’d love to hear from you. Maybe you can become a “Inside Your Brand” client yourself? Let’s explore the possibility and share some amazing times together and share in making some amazing things happen!
Truth of the matter is I’m not for everyone. I would much rather have a small, engaged list of clients than a lot of window-shoppers who continue to peep in. See, you must be fully engaged and on deck in order for me to effectively do my job. If you’re not ready to create outstanding results, that’s fine, maybe it means we are meant to work together at a later time. And that’s okay.
To Your Brand Success,

Brand Launch Strategist